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New Zealand Visitor Visa: Visit New Zealand

New Zealand is a great place to visit, not only does it have cosmopolitan cities it also has unmatched natural beauty only hours away. You may want to visit New Zealand for a short time simply to enjoy the experience or you may want to visit before deciding whether you would like to relocate permanently.

You may wish to visit your family and friends, or attend business meetings or a special event such as a sports or cultural meet, if you fall into the following categories you will need a New Zealand visitor visa:

  • Not a New Zealand citizen, or resident holding a current resident return visa
  • You are not an Australian citizen or resident holding a current resident return visa
  • If you do not have special exemption
  • You are not from a visa-free country and visiting for the specified time
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Queenstown Travel Guide

To be eligible to come to New Zealand as a visitor there are many requirements you need to meet before you get here and others you must meet during your stay.